Tucson students make teacher sundaes to raise money

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A nice way to cool off during the Spring and Summer is, you guessed it, ice cream.

It's good to eat, but you've probably never worn it on purpose.  Thursday, some elementary school teachers did just that, all for a good cause.

It was a warm day outside and staffers at Adventures Academy Elementary School wanted to give a cool treat to their students.  But they weren't allowed to eat the sundaes, they had to make them, using their teachers.

"This year we would hold a fundraiser where the students put money into a pair of teachers bucket that they wanted to see made into an ice cream sundae and we won," said teacher Emily Gerber.

The event was a fundraiser for one of the Academy's students Zaleigh Hernandez, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and confined to a wheel chair.

"I think it's really awesome.  I mean, this school has done so much for her and I love all the teachers, the principal.  I love the fact it's a really small school and they've done everything they can for her," said Zaleigh's mother Kristin Hernandez.

Zaleigh's mom hardly works because of the time and attention required to take care of her daughter.  The kids and Zaleigh had fun dressing their teachers up in food.

"She's loving it right now.  She's throwing sprinkles into her old teacher's ears, so she's good to go with it," said Kristin Hernandez.

Even with temperatures in the 80s, the teachers were still shivering from the ice cream and when all was said and done, an emotional mom was thankful for these compassionate teachers and students.

"It makes me really emotional because it's just let me know they care and I dont even know them that well, she's been here two years and they're like family to us," said Hernandez.

And as cold and sticky as they got the teachers were happy to take part.

The group raised a little over $1,000 for Zaleigh and her mother.  Last year the school raised a little more than $700 during a fundraiser in which the teachers had to kiss pigs.