Repo company wants man's truck even though it's paid off

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Anderson Thomas says having a truck is critical when it comes to getting around the reservation.  "It's very important to have a vehicle to drive back and forth to work. Then from here to my job site is 12 miles. Then my original house is six hours that way," Anderson says.

When he paid off his truck in 2004, he thought he was debt free until recently when he started receiving phone calls from a debt collection agency.

"I call but no one answers when I respond back," Anderson says. "I call the 800 number and they told me it's my responsibility to call the 800 number in Texas.”

Anderson says he's called this mystery number several times but never gets an answer.

"Now they're coming to his door looking for the truck," says Candace Thomas, Anderson's daughter-in-law. "There's been two guys that have been knocking on our door and telling us that my father in law's vehicle is being repossessed."

For some reason, Anderson says he continues to be harassed for a truck he already paid off almost six years earlier.

Not only that, but he has all the documents, the title, the receipts, everything to prove it.  "The transaction was completed a long time ago, 2004, and it's like why are they trying to take more money from us," Anderson says.

Candace says her father-in-law is really worried because he's so dependent on his truck.

"His livestock and his home just to maintain it they need a vehicle, especially a truck out there. It's hardly any paved roads and to get around you have to take the dirt roads.

3 On Your Side’s Gary Harper got involved and discovered the company Anderson financed the truck through had been sold several different times, contributing to the problem.

Gary finally tracked down the current company called Santander, which immediately looked into the matter. They discovered that Anderson did, in fact, pay off the truck and would be sending him a payoff notice soon.  

Santander says there was a glitch in the system when they purchased the prior finance company and it mistakenly indicated that Anderson still had a balance.  Santander apologized for the mistake and immediately corrected it at 3 On Your Side's request.  

Anderson says he is thrilled to know the issue has finally been resolved.