First Leaf home charging station in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Last week Tucson saw its first Nissan Leaf roll into town.  Thursday morning a northside couple became the first Tucsonans to install a charging station for the all-electric car.

It took technicians about four hours to install the electric charging system in Doug Mance's home.

"It's a real cool piece of technology but I guess behind it all, this is what I am going to fill my car up with, so its interesting," said Mance.

Interesting is right, Mance can pull his 100% electric Leaf in the garage and just plug it in.

It takes about four to five hours to fully charge the car ith this system.  After that it's ready to go, but Mance won't be going anywhere fast because he's waiting for his car to be delivered.

"I am going to have the car on Monday and they tell me just like any other new car instead of a full tank of gas its going to have a full charge," said Mance.

As for his first trip after his first full charge at home.

"I will probably tool around town.  I will probably go out for ice cream its going to be in the afternoon. In the evening, maybe I will take my wife out to dinner," said Mance

Mance is the first in the city to get the charging station, but he won't be the last.

"We got about hundred 125 vehicles coming into town with the Leaf, and now to see these charging stations coming in, to see homeowners like Doug using these vehicles, it's a great day for Tucson," said Tucson Clean Cities Manager Colleen Crowninshield.

After one full charge, Mance will be able to make it to Phoenix from Tucson at a cost of only about $3.