Warm weekend ahead

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PHOENIX -- The weekend is almost here and the weather is looking perfect for anything you've got planned outside. 

Valley temperatures started in the mid-40s and 50s Friday morning, but we'll likely warm up to about 86 degrees today.  Afternoon highs this time of the year are typically in the mid 70s, but we'll stay well above that all the way into next week. 

Look for highs in the low 80s over the weekend. 

High pressure will strengthen as we move into next week, with afternoon highs that could top out near 90. It would be a little earlier than we typically see our first 90-degree temperature in the Valley. 

Here are some facts and figures from the National Weather Service: 

"Based on the long-term data record (1896-2010), the first 90° F day occurs in Phoenix, on average, by April 4. However, that date has been slowly moving up in the year - most likely due to the increasing urbanization of Phoenix and regional warming. Based on the last 25 years, the average date is March 30, and the last 10 years yields a date of March 29. The earliest 90 °F day occurred on Feb. 24 in 1904 and again in 1986. The latest was May 12 in 1912."