Ostrich Festival happening today through the weekend in Chandler

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CHANDLER, Ariz. -- The 23rd annual Ostrich Festival is happening this weekend in Chandler.

The Ostrich Festival celebrates the history of ostrich farming and Dr. Alexander Chandler, a native of the city and the first veterinary surgeon to live in Arizona.

You will find more than just ostriches at this festival. There are also concerts, specialty acts, foods -- including the famous ostrich burgers -- and an enormous Ferris Wheel that is featured in the center of the event at Tumbleweed Park.

Festival goers will delight in the sights of ostrich demonstrations, ostrich and pig races, an animal petting area, and unique animal acts.

One of the unique acts, Dan “The Rhinestone Roper” Mink and his horse, which he has been trained to answer yes or no questions and perform dog-like tricks like rolling over and playing dead.

“He’s a ‘trick horse’ who loves people," Mink said. "He’s very gentle and loves performing."

Another popular attraction is the Sea Lion Splash Show.

In addition, Nathan Kress, who plays Freddie on "iCarly" will be greeting fans and taking pictures at the main stage on Sunday.

The Ostrich Festival has become a tradition for a lot of families across the Valley., and it expected to attract about 90,000 people through the weekend.

The gates open at Tumbleweed Park starting at 2 p.m. Friday. The cost is $10 dollars for adults, and $7 for children. the event runs Friday, 2 p.m.-midnight; Saturday, 10 a.m.-midnight; and Sunday 10 a.m.-11 p.m.

Tumbleweed Park is located at Germann and McQueen Roads.

For more information on the Ostrich Festival, check out www.ostrichfestival.com.