Manager allegedly installed cameras in complex bathrooms

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

GLENDALE, Ariz. – Police are investigating after a couple of video cameras were found inside two apartment units in a Glendale complex.

Police say a woman who rents one of the apartments became suspicious of a device installed directly across from the toilet in her bathroom.

The woman reportedly took the device into an electronics store where she was told it was a camera, prompting her to notify police.

Police say the complex manager, Regulo Felizola, 32, had installed the cameras in two separate units in the bathroom under the guise of mold detectors.

“It makes me sick, what happened. It’s kind of a surprise the police came knocking on everybody’s door on Saturday and looking for metal plates in the bathroom somewhere around the toilet,” Jim Tucket, a resident, said. “Later I heard that a woman had found that there was a video camera in her bathroom and now I hear a rumor that there were more found in other apartments so I think that’s pretty sick.”

Felizola has been the apartment manager at the complex for the past two years.

Police served two search warrants, one at the complex and another at the suspect’s home. Detectives reportedly found recording equipment and computers in Felizola’s home.

It is unclear what was being done with the recorded footage. The investigation is ongoing and police say more charges against the suspect are likely.