Valley woman gets refund after being overcharged for flight

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TEMPE - “She was 92-years-old,” Glexandria Garcia said.

News of her great-grandmother's death hit hard for Glexandria.

“I lost a whole generation so it's been pretty tough,” she said.

Determined to be there for the funeral, she began looking up flights home to Florida.

The cheapest fare she found was a $566 round trip flight through US Airways.

“I had a voucher that I was going to use,” she said. “In order to use the voucher you had to call in first.”

Glexandria booked the flight over the phone and didn't think much more about it.

That is, until she arrived back in the Valley to find US Airways didn't charge $566 for the flight.

It had charged $2,500, more than four times the amount she says she authorized.

“They told me I was charged $2,500 because the flight was sold out, and that I sat in a premium fully upgradable first class seat, which is not true,” she said.

Glexandria says she tried numerous times to explain to US Airways there had been a mistake, but got nowhere.

“They told me it was my word against theirs. And then I remembered I had made the call from my work phone which also records all calls for quality assurance,” she explained. “I looked it up. I found the tape.”

Glexandria provided 3 On Your Side with a copy of the recording and sure enough, about three minutes into the conversation, you can hear the US Airways employee give the price of the flight.

“I'm showing the price of this round trip ticket is $674, but with your discount it brings it down to $566.90,” to employee stated in the recording.

Proof, Glexandria says, that she was overcharged.

Still she claims she had no luck getting US Airways to refund her money, so she emailed 3 on your side.

“That's it, I don’t want anything else, I don’t want any vouchers or anything like that I just want my money back,” she said.

3 On Your Side contacted US Airways and within hours, Glexandria received a call from the airline telling her a refund had already been issued.

She says she's thrilled to have the money back, so she can move on from this, and the death of her beloved great grandmother.