1 Arrested so far in Phoenix credit card theft ring

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By Natalie Flanzer By Natalie Flanzer
By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – One man was arrested and another is being questioned for their alleged involvement in a credit card theft ring in Phoenix.

Phoenix police served a search warrant Thursday at a house near 25th Avenue and Greenway after a man they arrested Wednesday said the mastermind of the operation lived at that home.

Roberto Sambra, 30, was arrested Wednesday in Tempe while trying to purchase groceries. He had allegedly been using clone credit cards which had his name on them but had other consumer’s information encoded on the magnetic strip on the back of the credit cards.

Police say when Sambra, who was arrested on Wednesday, would use the card, his identification matched the card although the money would come out of someone else’s bank account.

During questioning Sambra said he was not responsible for the operation and led officers to the home in question.

It is still unclear how widespread this scam was or how many people were victims.

Police believe those responsible use the credit cards for a short amount of time and then switch them out and move on to other victims.

Sambra had seven or eight credit cards on his person at the time of his arrest but they had not been used yet.

A 28-year-old male is also in police custody with charges pending.

The investigation is ongoing.