Civility concert at TCC Thursday

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- In the wake of the January 8 shootings, organizers of a non-profit benefit fund plan a star-studded music concert Thursday night.

The sights and sounds of January 8 aren't easily forgotten. The wounds remain fresh and raw.

"I was thousands of miles away but I felt the pain, I felt the shock, I felt the horror, I felt the sense of loss," said Jackson Browne.

But Thursday, inside the Tucson Convention Center, some of the country's best-known musicians will join local acts in the hope that their music can help heal.

"We are determined as musicians that everybody body in that hall will take away something from the concert that will help sustain them in the days to come.  Because they're gonna need it," said Browne.

"I believe music has a healing power," said Tucson shooting survivor Rob Barber.

Ron Barber wanted this concert to happen, to help the healing.

Wednesday night, a little over 4,000 tickets had been sold, thousands still left for sale.  It's good news for people still trying to get their hands on tickets.

Inside the TCC, the stars got a chance to warm up as crews worked on final touches and sound checks before Thursday night's big show. It's a concert the musicians want to go flawlessly.

"If this concert can help that healing process then we would have done our jobs," said Browne.

Concert organizers say tickets will be sold at the door.  The concert starts Thursday at 6 P.M. at the TCC.

"Come on down, it's gonna be fun," said Browne.