Fatal accidental shooting on Tucson's south side

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Pima County sheriffs deputies were called to a fatal shooting Wednesday afternoon.

It happened at a mobile park home near Benson Highway and Palo Verde Road. When deputies arrived at the scene they found a 20-year-old Eduardo Lopez dead inside a trailer.

"There were other people inside the residents and we are currently interviewing them for possible involvement in this incident, it was a mix people I can't get into the details now, but they were people that basically from the neighborhood," said Pima County Sheiff's deputy Jason Ogan.

We have just learned that an arrest has been made in the case.

Jimmy Ortega, 19, junior was booked into the Pima County jail and he faces one count of man slaughter.

Deputies say Ortega was recklessly displaying a gun and it went off, killing Lopez.