University of Arizona gathering to discuss guns on campus

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A bill that's currently in the Arizona legislature would allow students and faculty to carry guns on college campuses in the state.

Wednesday on the U of A campus, people on both sides of the issue came together to have a discussion about that measure.

There's was a gathering in front of the fountain at of Old Main. A gathering where students and faculty discussed guns on campus.  Some for it and others against it.

"I came out here obviously as the sign indicates to voice my opposition to the proposed legislation, personally its not just the students and faculty issue its a self defense issue," said an attendant of the gathering.

Groups like the gun owners of Arizona believe that people should have a right to carry firearms on campus.

Ken Rineer who is the president group feels that those against the law, lack knowledge of guns.

"A lot of it is because they don't understand the issue there fear of a firearm they haven't been around a firearm," said Rineer.

Steven Wheelwright is a grad student and instructor at the U of A and wouldn't feel comfortable if his students were carrying.

"I don't want to have to worry about who's got a gun and who doesn't when I'm trying to do my job and learn as a student as well, its just not the right place for it," said Wheelwright.

One of his major concerns is the accidents and the injuries that could be caused by guns if they're allowed on campus.

"Where there's guns there are going to be multiple gun injuries and more deaths, you can look the research up and there plenty of peer reviewed studies," said Wheelwright.

Studies that some gun owners in the audience would disagree with.