UMC doctors honored

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A big award Tuesday night for a pair of Tucson doctors and their whole trauma team, who acted quickly and saved lives following the Safeway shootings two months ago.

Doctor Peter Rhee and Doctor Michael Lemole are both from University Medical Center in Tucson.

They're receiving a merit award at the fourth annual health care leadership award ceremony in phoenix.

"I do appreciate what they're doing and what they're showing," said Dr. Rhee.

Since the Tucson massacre, both doctors have been thrown into the spotlight for the medical procedures they performed minutes after the shootings.

Most of the attention has been focused on one patient in particular, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

"With this one patient, we were given the opportunity to come into the limelight and also show what our profession is doing all of the time," said Dr. Rhee.

Giffords was shot in the head at point blank range by suspected gunman, Jared Loughner.

Giffords has made a miraculous recovery so far, one that continues to shock her doctors.

"Her recovery is far beyond what is being released, I know that, because that was the situation when she was with us," said Lemole.

After a couple of weeks recovering at UMC Giffords was moved to a rehab facility in Houston, Texas.

"I think the most important thing is that there's been steady progress," said Dr. Lemole.

In the meantime, Doctors Lemole and Rhee are back to work at what they do best, saving lives in Southern Arizona.

"If they need us, we're always going to be there," said Dr. Rhee.

This is a statewide medical awards ceremony.  Along with Doctors Rhee and Lemole, many other doctors received merit awards for outstanding service to the community.