Woman arrested after son ingests cocaine and methadone

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

PHOENIX – A woman was arrested Monday after her young son ingested narcotics while in their apartment in Phoenix.

Melissa Nuñez, 28, faces criminal charges involving child abuse after her 2-year-old son ingested an unknown amount of methadone and cocaine.

The boy was rushed to the emergency room on Jan. 31 where he had to be injected with medication because he was reportedly lethargic with an altered mental state and was not breathing properly.

The boy was discharged on Feb. 1 and was taken from his home by Child Protective Services.

Nuñez said she had been addicted to heroin for 10 years off and on and has been taking methadone since April 2010.

Nuñez admitted during a police interview to leaving her methadone box open without a lock on it in the bathroom of their apartment near 29th Avenue and Camelback. She told officers she took a sip of her methadone bottle and must have forgotten to put the cap back on the bottle.

She said she was the only person in the home along with her 5-year-old son at the time of the incident. Nuñez said her live-in boyfriend was outside working on a car.

After further questioning the mother told officers she thinks her son might have had access to cocaine because her boyfriend’s friends had brought it into the home.

It was later determined the 2-year-old had been born exposed to methadone in California and had to spend several days in the hospital.

Nuñez is being held at the 4th Avenue Jail where she faces child abuse charges.