Billboard in central Phoenix predicts end of the world

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PHOENIX – A billboard with the message, "Save the Date, Return of Christ, May 11, 2011," is hard to miss when traveling through the intersection of 24th Street and Osborn Road.

The billboard is the work of a group called Project Caravan, an evangelical Christian group that is committed to spreading its message.  

About a dozen members of Project Caravan began a cross-country journey last October from the headquarters of a Christian radio station in Oakland, Calif.

Calling themselves 'ambassadors,' the members of the group travel in five recreational vehicles and point to obscure biblical codes to demonstrate their reasoning.

The group's 89-year-old leader, Harold Camping, told CNN, "I know it's absolutely true, because the Bible is always absolutely true."

Camping has predicted the world would end before -- most recently on Sept. 4,1994. He now says he made a mistake in that prediction by misreading the biblical codes used to calculate the exact date of the second coming of Christ.  

Those who believe Camping's prediction claim an earthquake will begin the "end of days" on May 21, 2011.

The faithful will reportedly be lifted to heaven followed by 153 days of turmoil for the rest of humanity. Believers say the Earth will be completely destroyed by late October.