Jewish-Muslim Peace Walk in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Dozens of people from different cultures and faiths gathered for the annual Jewish-Muslim Peace Walk Sunday.

The Peace Walk kicked off with a series of prayers.

Rabbi Thomas Loucheim chose a song where a student learns of divine unity.

"The master had to teach him that god's presence fills us surrounds us and there's no space where there is not god's divine presence," said Rabbi Thomas Loucheim.

Participants took the message to the streets, making new friends and learning more about one another.

"Everyone needs to connect on some sort of level and us all walking together shows that," said Rabbi Loucheim.

With every step, Jews, Muslims, Christians and those of other faiths, renewed their commitment to tolerance.

Walkers took a moment to rest at the Jewish community center. It was a chance to meditate and reflect on the lessons learned from their fellow travelers.

"I met the one lady from Honduras she was from the indigenous tribe. Its very enjoyable, I'm very much enjoying it," said Peace Walker Ipara Dolan Abduli.

The peace walk continued on to the Al Huda Islamic school for family activities and more prayer.