Tempe launches special traffic enforcement operation

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TEMPE, Ariz. – The city of Tempe is launching a weeklong special enforcement task force in an effort to get drivers to be safer on the road.

For the next week, there will be a very visible presence at 10 of Tempe’s busiest intersections, including Rural Road and University Drive, which has been the site of some 60 cars wrecks in the past six months.

The focus of this safety campaign, which is being done in cooperation with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, is to cut down on the number of crashes.

“If they see us and slow down, great,” said Sgt. Dale Hoobler of the Tempe Police Department.

Officers really want drivers to pay attention and follow the rules of the road.

Hoobler said red-light running, speed and improper turns, among other things, have caused hundreds of wrecks at the 10 targeted intersections.

While there are cameras to catch red-light runners and speeders at the intersection of Rural Road and University Drive, Hoobler said those cameras only catch two directions, not all four.

The Tempe Police Department says this campaign is proactive enforcement.

Additional officers will be posted at:
Rural Road and University Drive (60 collisions),
Rural Road and Southern Avenue (54 collisions),
5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle (47 collisions),
McClintock Drive and University Drive (46 collisions),
Mill Avenue and Southern Avenue (44 collisions),
Baseline Road and I-10 Freeway (43 collisions),
Apache Boulevard and Rural Road (38 collisions),
Broadway Road and McClintock Drive (37 collisions),
Baseline Road and Rural Road (36 collisions),
48th Street and Southern Avenue (35 collisions).

According to the Tempe Police Department, operations like this not only reduce wrecks, they also reduce crime and provide additional measures of security for surrounding neighborhoods.

The special enforcement will be in effect through Sunday.