Did Supervisor Brock and jailed wife get special treatmet in jail?

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX – There are allegations a Maricopa County supervisor and his wife, who is behind bars, are receiving special treatment from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Supervisor Fulton Brock’s wife Susan was arrested in October for allegedly having a two-year sexual relationship with an underage boy. She took a plea deal in the case.

The supervisor and Susan’s 21-year-old daughter Rachel remains under investigation for alleged sexual acts with the same boy.

Supervisor Brock reportedly was caught taking his wife banana bread. Although it sounds like a small infraction, visitors are absolutely prohibited from bringing gifts to inmates because it could contain contraband.

Susan was reportedly caught carrying a few slices of bread that was not the type handed out in jail.

"Of what we think was a banana bread of some kind, homemade bread, it may have been made by Mrs. Brock's daughter,” Deputy Chief Jack Macintyre said.

A detention officer found it in Susan's hands and it was determined it had been a delivery from her husband during a special visit.

Unlike the other visitors to Estrella Jail, Supervisor Brock is allowed to meet with his wife he has now filed for a divorce with in a private room with little supervision much like an attorney or clergy member might meet with an inmate.

"The reason for doing this is to actually make it easier for our officers and staff to continue regular visitation," Macintyre said.

He says it's standard procedure when you are dealing with high-profile cases. Otherwise other inmates and visitors may become distracted.

"I mean Mrs. Brock's case has been in the news since its inception, every day, front page,” McIntyre said.

After the banana bread incident the chief deputy says he had to make a phone call to the supervisor.

"He reacted fine. He was very, very abashed," McIntyre said. “I think we made our point pretty clear that this is not acceptable conduct even if it is inadvertent."

The deputy chief says he believe Supervisor Brock was unaware of the rule. He was told that if he brings food in again his visitation rights will be terminated.

Susan Brock is awaiting sentencing. She faces between 7 and 15 years in prison plus lifetime probation.