Tucson Tango Festival underway this weekend

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's a dance that originated in Argentina in the 19th century.  More than 100 years later, the tango's passionate and dramatic style still touches people across the world.

It's a dance as colorful as the costumes that come with it.  A dance that twists and turns, and speaks to the heart and souls of many.

"I've lived in this body for 50 years and Ive become more graceful.  I've become more self aware, more sure of myself," said dancer Jeremy Soule.

Tucson's Third Annual Tango Festival kicked off Thursday night with a concert called "Tango Allure." It featured the largest traditional Argentine Tango Orchestra in North America and 12 international tango celebrities.

Over the next few days more than 300 dancers from around the world will put on their dancing shoes. Some are beginners, others have been performing the tango for years.

They say the dance takes them away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

"It's sort of an escape from our everyday life, where we're talking and we're thinking," said dancer Christine Conte.

And even when the music and movement ends the beat plays over and over again in their hearts.

"You walk different, you feel different, you feel really good," said Conte.

The Tucson Tango Festival runs through March 7 at the Holiday Inn on south Palo Verde Road.

For more information visit Tucson Tango Festival online.