Baby born in front of strip club

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ARLINGTON, Texas — When William Nathaniel Jones grows up, he'll have quite a story to tell about the morning he was born.

His welcome to the world involves a reporter; police; topless dancers; and a short — but high-speed — chase.

William's mom, Amenze, was in labor, and his dad was trying to get her from Mansfield to Plano, where her doctor was waiting.

But the family only got as far as Arlington.

Nate Jones was speeding them north on Highway 360 when they were pulled over by Grand Prairie police, who said they caught him traveling 84 mph in a 50 zone.

The officer told Jones he had already passed two hospitals in Mansfield, and one more was on the way in Arlington.

But Jones said there was only one place this baby was going to be delivered, and that was in Plano.

Within a few miles, however, mom couldn't go any further.

A 911 operator told the family to pull over and wait for an ambulance.

They stopped at the Flashdancer Club, an adult cabaret, to wait for an ambulance.

"I've never been there before; I've covered them," explained Jones, who is a reporter.

Soon, dancers and bouncers and customers came out of the topless bar to watch baby William being born in an ambulance.

"We understand everybody's laughing with us, not at us," Jones said.

William, his mom and dad are now safe at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital.

"Sometimes things don't happen the way that you've planned, but I want the best for him," Amenze Jones said. "I just want him to be successful."

Her one regret is that she didn't get a picture of William's birth because his dad was a bit distracted at the time.

Amenze Jones also wants to underscore that William was born in the ambulance, which was technically not on strip club property.