Fraud allegations in South Tucson early voting

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The City of South Tucson is getting ready for elections next Tuesday, but early voting has been underway for a while now, and has sparked allegations of fraud.

Polls open in South Tucson in just under a week.

And it's a busy time for the Pima County recorder's office as extra staff hour are being applied to investigating allegations of voter fraud.

The recorders office says an anonymous call came in late Tuesday night.

"We investigate very single one, regardless of its source or what the allegation is," said Chief Deputy Recorder Christopher Roads.

The caller claimed the fraud happened at housing complexes to the disabled and the elderly, When someone allegedly helped voters mark their ballots.

Which would make the choice the helper's rather than the voter's, which is a crime.

"We don't want to have John Smith's vote count when its really Jim Jones ballot," said Roads.  "That shouldn't occur."

The potential for fraud to occur is there.  Early voting by way of mail-in ballot is becoming popular across the country.

It looks like there was no mischief in the incident reported.  Officials spent Thursday talking to voters in the area.  Only one person has chosen to cast a new ballot.