Loughner faces new charges

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A federal grand jury has indicted Jared Loughner on 49 counts, 14 of which could cost him his life.

The "superceding" indictment was announced Friday by the U.S. Attorney for Arizona, Dennis Burke.

Loughner was arrested immediately after the January 8 shooting in a shopping center at Ina and Oracle and indicted less than a week later.  But he was only charged in that document with attempted murder.  The new indictment charges him with the murder of six people, including Federal District Judge John Roll and Gabe Zimmerman, an aide to Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  Giffords was injured in the shooting and is undergoing rehabilitation treatment in Houston.

The new indictment also charges Loughner in the deaths of the four others who died that morning: Dorothy J, Morris, Phyllis C. Schneck, Dorwan C. Stoddard and Christina Taylor Green.  Green, who was 9 years old, is identified in the indictment as "C-T G."

Loughner will be arraigned on the new charges at the Evo DeConcini Federal District Courthouse in Tucson next Wednesday.

He was transferred last week to the federal prison on South Wilmot Road in Tucson.  He had been held in Phoenix and all his previous court appearances were in Phoenix.  U.S. District Judge Larry Burns of San Diego has been assigned the case.  All federal judges in Arizona recused themselves from the case.

"This was an attack on Congresswoman Giffords, her constituents, and her staff," said Burke in announcing the new indictment.  "Those citizens who were peaceably assembled to speak to their Member of Congress are also named victims in this indictment.  This indictment involves potential death-penalty charges, and Department (of Justice) rules require us to pursue a deliberate and thorough process.  We will work diligently to see that justice is done," Burke said.