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Dr. Grey Stafford, Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium
For more information on the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium visit or call 623-935-WILD.

Chef Wade Moises
For more on Downtown Phoenix Public Market visit or call 602-254-1790.
>>View Chef Wade's recipe for Simple asparagus soup

Gold Canyon Candles - Making Home Decorating Easy & Economical
For more information on Making Home Decorating Easy & Economical visit  or call 1-866-996-4222. Check out Gold Canyon Candles on Facebook at!/goldcanyon.

Sherry Kline, Make-It-Yourself Mom
>>View Sherry's article Honey that winter skin away

B Lee, Performance Director, CATZ & Lululemon Ambassador - Warming Up Properly with Flexibility & Mobility
Properly warming up the body to exercise or play, especially in youth side of sports is key component to increasing performance levels & decreasing risk of injury. With exercise so wide spread and more people heading to gyms, understanding that stretching before warming up is not good and research shows that it decreases performance levels.  Functional preparation is a good way to look at & understand how the body should be warmed-up. For more information on B. Lee visit, email or call 480-607-5400.

Floral arrangements by God’s Garden Treasures
For more information visit or call 480-603-7673.