Arizona Corporation Commission investigating gas outage

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It left thousands of natural gas customers in Southern Arizona bundling up and taking cold showers for days.  Now, the outages of early February are the subject of an investigation by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

"We regret and understand a customer without gas is angry and that's the end of that story," said Southwest Gas VP Bill Moody in an opening statement in front of the corporation commission.

Wednesday's hearing focused on what happened and what went wrong on the morning of February 1, a record cold day in Tucson.

The natural gas outage affected thousands of homes in Tucson and sierra vista, leaving them without heat for days.  The commission wanted to know why

When the frigid cold gripped Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, gas usage sky rocketed region-wide, and Wednesday every major company involved with getting natural gas to Arizona, had an explanation about why what happened, happened.  But there was one missing piece in the crowd, the people affected by the outage.

Commissioners proposed holding a forum in Southern Arizona so customers can present in person their concerns and frustrations over what happened.

But the companies involved feel the outage was not their fault.

"We feel like we reacted well to what we knew before hand.  We're a victim of this weather event just like our customers are," said Moody.

He'll find out soon enough if the public agrees with his assessment.

The commission discussed holding forums in Southern Arizona, but no dates have been set on when or where those will take place.