Pets For Patriots

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We provide the innate healing powers of adult companion pets to members of the US Military. We work with veterans, wounded warriors and service members transitioning to civilian life, wounded veterans in need of a pet friend, deployed service members trying to fill the void of their absence or veterans who simply want the friendship and comfort of a companion pet. Through our animal shelter network, we untie military members with an adult dog or cat in need of a loving home. Typically trained and calmer than younger animals, they are more able to ease the stresses of returning from deployment, transitioning to civilian live or coping with old wounds. 
What we provide:
Access to reduced costs for pet food and supplies and 10% off veterinary care
Resources and support for any eligible dog or cat from our shelter
Another chance to save a life and be a pet’s hero
How it helps strengthen body and spirit:
Having a companion pet can lower cholesterol and blood pressure
It can increase physical activity and mobility
Reduce cardiovascular stress
Increase self esteem
Companion Qualifications:
Pets eligible for adoption are
Adult dogs and cats 2-years or older
Large dogs 40 pounds or more
Special needs dogs and cats which may be disabled or been victims of previous abuse. 
Steps to adoption:
To become a member patriot, apply online at and provide a copy of your military ID
Visit to view a current list of member shelters around the valley
Go to the local member shelter with your Pets for Patriots member confirmation letter and meet your new pet friend.