Dog rescued from fridge by firefighters

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas
By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

YUMA, Ariz. -- Yuma firefighters rescued a stray dog that jumped inside a family's refrigerator and wouldn't come out.

On Friday night, firefighters were sent to an apartment near 26th Street and Eighth Avenue regarding a dog stuck in a refrigerator.

The firefighters found a small terrier-type dog on the bottom shelf of a fridge inside the apartment, according to Mike Erfert, spokesman for the Yuma Fire Department.

The firefighters were told that the dog was a stray that had rushed into the apartment when the front door was opened. The dog snapped at the occupants when encouraged to leave.

The residents planned to lure the dog outside with some food, but when the refrigerator door was opened, the pup jumped inside and resisted any attempts to get it out.

Erfert said the family had called the Humane Society, but the response time was estimated to be an hour or more. The door could not be closed with the dog inside and there was concern for small children in the apartment.

Firefighters used their protective gear and put the dog in a cage. The stray was later turned over to the Humane Society and it apparently matched the description of a dog reported lost in the apartment complex.