Making scents of perfume

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I recently read that fragrance is more than a pretty smell:  It’s joy, sexiness, and confidence – contained in a glass bottle.

As a lover of fragrance, I agree.  Sometimes, when I’m doing nothing more than settling in at night to read a magazine, I find myself putting on some perfume.  Just for me, just to change my mood.

Part of my joy, is that my family and friends know that this about me and often choose perfume as a gift for me.  And, so I find myself with a wonderful collection of perfumes and the need to make them last. 

Part of my frustration is that my body chemistry seems to be one that resists allowing a perfume to last.  I’ve always envied women who can apply fragrance in the morning and the slight whiff of her perfume remains hours later (even if only to her.)  Mine seems to vanish very quickly.  So, I’ve learned some tips to help make it last on me as well as in my makeup area.

In storing perfume keep these things in mind:

1. Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and avoid keeping it in the bathroom because a shower can make it a hot and humid environment.

2. Keep the bottles tightly closed.  Air causes the alcohol in the perfume to evaporate.  Perfumes in spray bottles tend to last a little longer.

3. Protect perfume from sunlight as much as possible.  Store it in the box, a drawer, a closet or a perfume storage container.  I’ve transformed an inexpensive, pretty box as my perfume “holder.”

Now, how do I make my favorite fragrance last on me a little longer?  Try these tips:

1. I’ve heard it for years, and it works – layer your fragrance.  It’s why many perfume companies sell those lotion and perfume combo packs.  So, once you find a fragrance you like, invest in a lotion also.  Apply the lotion to freshly showered skin.  Then follow up with the application of your perfume after the lotion is absorbed.  Apply perfume before you dress right after showering when your pores are open.  That protects your clothing from any potential stains and also will help your fragrance last.

2. Pulse points play a major role.  They produce heat and therefore help to release the scent of the perfume.  Key pulse points are the inside of the wrists, temples, the base of the throat, the bend of the elbow, knees and your cleavage.

3. Dry skin causes perfume to evaporate quickly from the skin.  So, if you have a matching lotion it helps, if you don’t apply a non-scented lotion.  Another tip is to use some body oil or even olive oil on the areas you are applying perfume to moisten the skin before spritzing on your fragrance.

4. I was taught this by my mom – spray perfume into the air about 12 inches in front of you then walk into the fragrance cloud – this helps to distribute the scent over your body.

5. Never rub your wrists together after applying there.  It compresses the scent and changes it.

Now, if you’re like me – I love the thought of trying something new.  Many people have a signature scent but if you like experimenting here are some uncommon scents recommended by Allure Magazine in their latest “Best of Beauty” edition.

Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne
Guerlain L’Heure Bleue
Chanel Beige
Tom Ford White Patchouli
Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

These are just their recommendations to try.  As we all know selecting a perfume is a very personal choice but when you make that investment (and it can be a pricy investment!) you want it to be perfect and make you feel – pretty!

Live and Learn