Pain management for migraine sufferers

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PHOENIX - For those that suffer from migraine headaches you understand how debilitating they can be.

Lots of people out there suffer from migraines, either the classic kind or the common migraine.

A few weeks ago a reporter covering the Grammy's suffered from a form of a classic migraine. The symptoms she was experiencing were similar to a stroke, but after a doctor's evaluation they were able to determine it was a migraine.

There are many symptoms of a migraine outside of the pounding headache. There are mood swings, trouble communicating and nausea.

A stroke will be instantaneous, but with a migraine the symptoms would be gradual. Many different migraines though could lead to a stroke if not treated.

The common type of migraine has the typical one sided type of pain which 60-70 percent of the time are triggered by perfumes or foods you might have eaten.

Whichever type of migraine you have there are lots of different types of treatments.

Common migraines can be treated by over the counter products. Supplements like 5HTP can get the blood flowing again and ease the pain brought on by a migraine.

When over the counter or prescription treatments don't work then seeking a pain management plan, such as what is offered by Novacur, is the new step in treatment.

Novacur goes to the source of where the pain is. Many times this type of treatment is the only option for chronic sufferers and those who deal with classic migraines.

For people who suffer from migraines sometimes the headache doesn't go away, but with pain management at Novacur you can live a normal lifestyle.