Tucson students get border immigration experience

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- High school students from California and Tucson came together Tuesday to discus and learn about the border immigration issues.

Step by step, students from Tucson and Berkley, California got a chance to walk in the footsteps of migrants and see why some make it to a better life and others are not as fortunate.

The high school students are taking part in a program called "El Otro Lado,"  or, "The Other Side" which connects students from San Miguel Catholic in Tucson with counterparts from another state. This year it was Saint Mary's in Berkley.

Not only did the kids experience an hour and a half hike in the desert. They were exposed to three symbolic grave sites where teens and adults died crossing the border in hopes of a better future.

"It was very shocking.  It was unexpected.  It's very sad, people's loved ones that are passing away," said a student.

As part of the program the students are learning about both sides of the immigration issue.

On Thursday they will be at the Tucson sector Border Patrol building.