Vanessa Hudgens - 'Beastly'

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PHOENIX -- "Beastly" is a modern re-telling of classic tale "Beauty and the Beast."

Alex Pettyfor of "I Am Number Four," stars as the handsome New York teen who is transformed into a monster until he can find true love. That love comes from Beauty Vanessa Hudgens, best known for her roles Disney's "High School Musical" movies.

Hudgens checked in live from New York City to tell Tara Hitchcock all about the movie and about the odds of actually falling for somebody like Pettyfor's character.

"I think if he's a truly beautiful person on the inside and could connect with me on an amazing level, then there's a big chance," Hudgens said.

The actress also said there are probably more nice people in Hollywood and in the movie industry than most people probably think.

"I think they see Hollywood as being fake sometimes," she said. "It takes a few people to get people [actors and actresses] to look the way that they do. I'm here because I'm passionate about it. That's truly who I am, and I think a lot of other people are like that, as well."

"Beastly" opens Friday.

Hudgens also has another movie coming out called "Sucker Punch."

"I get to kick some serious butt in it," she said.

"Sucker Punch" is due out March 25.