Senator's ex-girlfriend discusses scuffle that landed her in jail

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PHOENIX – The ex-girlfriend of the Arizona Senate majority leader is speaking about the roadside scuffle that landed her in jail.

“He pulled the ‘I’m a state senator’ right in the process of getting arrested,” Aubry Ballard, 34, said.

Ballard said her life has been hell since the Saturday night fight on the side of a freeway. She says the most difficult part is how unfair it feels. She was arrested following the altercation and Sen. Scott Bundgaard was not due to a state law that gives legislators immunity while they are in session.

Bundgaard has a black eye and a busted lip. On Tuesday, Ballard displayed the bruises on her arms but did not allow 3TV to capture them on video.

While neither party will talk specifically about who did what, police said both had marks indicating that a night of dancing ended with a physical altercation.

New video shows Bundgaard on the Senate floor speaking out about what happened that night with his ex-girlfriend.

“My parents, sister and I and many of my friends joined my girlfriend and me at an amazing charitable event last Friday," Bundgaard said. "What started out as a wonderful event became something entirely different for me and for someone about whom I care deeply."

Bundgaard claims Ballard was upset over how he touched his dance partner during a Dancing with the Stars charity event Friday night. Ballard said that is not true.

“Obviously, we had an altercation, gotten into an argument, not anything related to jealousy," she said. "We had had some previous problems before and so it ended in just this big nightmare.”

The senator said he never asked for immunity but is now asking for Ballard’s privacy.

“I'm the one who signed up for this public life, not her,” Bundgaard said.

Ballard said the two have not talked since the incident and charges against her have been dropped.

When asked if she planned to press charges against the senator, she said she could not answer that.