Arizona lawmakers to debate Common Core

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The fight over Common Core standards is in the hands of Arizona lawmakers.

The House is set to debate a proposal that could do away with Common Core and adopt new standards.

Lawmakers were supposed to debate the bill Monday, but it was tabled. It could be debated as soon as Tuesday.

Some parents were disappointed to see the bill tabled.

"When items are moved on the agenda last-minute like that it becomes real difficult for citizens to engage because it took time out of our schedule to be down here, and other people took off work to be down here," Tracy Langston said. "Those citizens are taken out of the process unless they can take another day off work."

Some lawmakers told 3TV they think the bill was tabled because there were not enough votes to pass it Monday.

HB 2190 would drop Common Core standards, the standards that were implemented to make sure all students graduate from high school with the skills needed for college.

"I like the application that Common Core has to real-life situations, for the kids to be able to apply it in real-life situations," Elizabeth Castle said.

Castle said Arizona should not drop the standards.

"That's not the solution," she said.

"I don't think that it should be completely cut out right now because the districts have spent so much money on textbooks and materials, and the districts are already hurting," April Betts said. "They don't have the funds to buy new material right now."

Tracy Langston and Joni Lecky disagree. They hope the bill passes.

"What I am most concerned about is the federal influence on our state's ability to make decisions about how students in Arizona are educated," Langston said.

"There is so much more strength in a local administration of education," Lecky agreed.

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