Johnny Depp - 'Rango'

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PHOENIX -- The last time Johnny Depp teamed up with Gore Verbinski, we got three "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

The two are back together, but this time it's completely different.

It's an animated flick about a chameleon named Rango, played by Depp, who finds himself dumped in the Mojave Desert.

In most animated movies, the actors who provide the voices for the characters rarely even see other during the production process, let alone interact.

For "Rango," Verbinski put his actors in a room and had them actually walk through their parts. It's a move Depp called "brilliant."

"With us in there, acting the scenes out, and blocking the scenes out, it gave the animators a chance to actually copy body language, to copy various emotions in the eyes and things that are going on behind the eyes," Depp said. "It was fascinating."

Depp said he likes to hide in his characters, the makeup and the costumes. Animation, however, does not give him that luxury.

"There was no buffer in that sense," he said.

"Rango" opens Friday.

Depp returns as Capt. Jack Sparrow in the fourth "Pirates" movie -- "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" -- which it due out this May.