Tucson police busy with multiple bank robberies

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Monday was a busy morning for Tucson police detectives with a pair of bank robberies going down miles apart and within an hour of each other. TPD officials think both crimes are the work of the same man.

The first robbery took place just before 10 O'Clock Monday morning at Bank of the West near Swan and Camp Lowell about an hour after the doors opened.

"The robbery detectives responded to that scene to continue that investigation the at the Bank of the West," said Sgt. Matt Ronstadt from the Tucson Police Department.

Officers fanned out in search of a suspect, but came up empty handed. Little did they know, things were just getting started.

About 40 minutes later, officers were called to the scene of another bank robbery.

Tucson police quickly responded to the Great Western Bank at Grant and Country Club and interviewed employees.

The witnesses they interviewed provided a description of the suspect that matched the description from the previous robbery.

After reviewing surveillance photos detectives determine the same man pulled both jobs.  A pretty bold act.

Tucson police don't recommend anybody interfere with a bank robbery in progress, instead they encourage you to be a good witness.

"Take a good look as you can without putting yourself in harms way be able to jot down a description as you remember it as soon as you can," said Sgt. Ronstadt.

The suspect is described as a white man about 5'9" with gray hair and a gray mustache and carrying a black backpack.

If you have any information call 88-CRIME.

A University of Arizona student was robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning.

It happened on 4th Street between Vine Avenue and Cherry Avenue.

The student told U of A police a white vehicle drove up and a Hispanic man in his early 20s got out and pointed a gun at him.  After taking his belongings, the robber sped off with two others inside.

The suspect was wearing a heavy white hoodie jacket with multicolored designs on it.

Call 911 or 88-CRIME if you know anything.