Team Kate: Centennial Elementary School comes together for kindergartener

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PHOENIX -- The students and teachers of Centennial Elementary School have come together to support one of their kindergartners -- Kate McRae.

"We love Kate very much," kindergarten teacher Hollie Motroni said. "She's a very good student. She's touched everybody at our school."

Kate was diagnosed with a brain tumor in June 2009. She was just 5 years old. While she did receive treatment, that tumor recently returned.

Now her school has banded together to form Team Kate. They're raising money with a penny drive. So far, they've raised about $1,700.

Based on a book the fifth-graders read, the students even folded 1,000 paper cranes to show their support for Team Kate.

"The school has been wonderful," said Holly McRae, Kate's mom. "It's a great chance for her to be a normal kid again."

The school, which is decorated with posters, signs and, of course, the paper cranes, in Kate's honor, has even designated March 26 as Kate Day.

Kate and her family will soon be heading to Texas where Kate will undergo further treatment.