Baja Arizona movement gaining support

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A secession movement, not from the United States but from Arizona, is picking up steam.

It would make Pima County a separate state and its a notion that is gaining support from across the state.

Secession may be a longshot, but people are listening.

Online support has boomed in just a day and a half from 49 fans to almost 1600 and the number is still growing.

The Arizona Daily Star's online poll shows more of the same.  Baja Arizona has some fans.  Those in favor of secession beating out opponents by a 12 point margin.

And the Start A State movement isn't alone.

State Senator Paula Aboud proposed secession before she heard the idea of Baja Arizona.

And the support is not confined limited to Pima County.

"I have people in phoenix saying we want to move down when we secede.  This is an amazing groundswell really," said Paul Eckerstrom from the Start our State movement.

People are also speaking out against the movement.

"We get some nasty emails from some folks, but a lot less than expected," said Eckerstrom.

The group has two years to secure enough signatures to put the initiative on the ballot in Pima County.

They say their success depends on one main factor.

But what the legislature will do next is anybodys guess.

"If the legislature gets more moderate in politics, then I have a feeling this would all fall apart," said Eckerstrom.

"This movement is going to gain momentum as the legislature gets nuttier and nuttier," said State Senator Paula Aboud.

But what the legislature will do next is anybodys guess.