Blood drive at site of Tucson shooting

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Seven weeks ago it was the site of one of Tucson's darkest days, Saturday a simple, yet life-saving act of kindness, brought some light to the Safeway on Ina and Oracle.

Nearly two months ago, medical helicopters and ambulances crowded the Safeway parking lot at Ina and Oracle.

But Saturday two American Red Cross buses sat in the parking lot.

"It is a place that right now, needs love and it needs healing," said blood drive organizer Mary Anne Kruszewski.

This has become a place for healing a place where lives are cherished, not taken.

"Blood was shed on that day, and it took, blood was taken, and this blood drive gives us a chance to give back what was taken away," said blood donor Sharon Putnam.

More than 60 people stopped by the Safeway for a blood drive sponsored by local religious groups and the American Red Cross.

"It's an opportunity for the community to pay it forward.  It's an opportunity for the community to do an act of kindness," said blood drive sponsor Mary Anne Kruszewski.

"All it takes is one tragedy in our community for there to be a low on blood supply; so, we want to make sure we always have an adequate supply on our shelves," said Debra Deininger from the American Red Cross.

For first time blood donor Dick Hanson and so many others, the memory of the tragedy on January 8, 2011 pushed them to take this life-saving action.

"Just seeing the Red Cross here, I'm sure there was a lot of blood spilled, and I just wanted to give something back," said Dick Hanson.

"It just seemed like this was a good time to do it," said blood donor Sharon Putnam.

Tragedy is a part of life.

"Every 2 seconds someone in america needs blood," said Debra Deininger from the American Red Cross.

Where or when it will happen, no one knows, but Saturday, Tucson proved its ready to help.