Shadow Wolves track down drug smugglers on border

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TOHONO O'ODHAM RESERVATION, Ariz. -- People are not only entering the United States illegally, drug smugglers are using a remote section of the border to bring in hundreds of thousands of pounds of drugs.

But there are a few federal officers who are using a technique that’s hundreds of years old to intercept a drug smuggler's stash.

A team called “Shadow Wolves” is making a difference on the Tohono O’Odham Reservation.

On the reservation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have a unique way of finding drug smugglers. They use a technique that’s been handed down for centuries. They not only look for footprints but also disturbances in the dirt.

The drug smugglers also break branches and get clothes caught in the brush. On this particular day, ICE Officer David Scout found an abandoned cell phone.

“It’ll be a good investigative tool,” Scout said.

It turns out the phone had video of a pickup truck using a ramp to make it over the border fence.

In the last two years, tracking techniques have helped the Shadow Wolves find 77,000 pounds of marijuana.

“This area’s hot," Scout said. "Just a matter of time before something else comes through.”