Treatment for sciatica, low back pain

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PHOENIX - Dealing with sciatica and lower back pain can be a life long issue but with the proper treatment you can treat the problem.

Sciatic Pain is radiating leg pain, usually on the back or side of the leg. This pain may only be in the upper leg or in more severe cases travel all the way to the outer foot. Often this problem originates in the spine of the lower back as a result of disc bulging, disc thinning, stenosis or other degenerative issues which narrow the nerve canals.

AZ Pain Centers goes to the source of what is causing the sciatic pain using a MRI as one method of pinpointing the cause.

If it is disk related up in the spine they go in and attack it at that level.

What makes AZ Pain Centers different is they treat the pain using a non steroidal approach. Local anesthetics give immediate relief, then there is treatment to attack the inflammation.

When there is pain the body's response is inflammation. When steroids are used there are various side effects such as elevated blood sugar or even change in your personality.

For over 20 years AZ Pain Centers has used the non steroidal approach with great success and no known side effects.

From patients who have suffered trauma to those who are just feeling pain, AZ Pain centers can offer you relief for your pain.

For patients who have acute problems for less than six months, seeking treatment early gives you a 95 percent chance they can cure it and palliate the pain.

AZ Pain Centers treats all types of pain from headaches to stomach pains.