Tucson Rodeo wraps up Sunday

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A busy weekend wrapped up in Tucson Sunday as people braved the cold to check out the last day of the Tucson Rodeo.

Gates opened at 11 A.M., but the festivities began around noon with the final competitions for mutton busting and junior rodeo.

Organizers say the rodeo had a pretty good year compared to the last three or four years.  There were only about a thousand tickets left for sale and bad weather didn't force the event to close.

"We rodeo in rain, sleet, snow or hail and the cowboys know that and the fans basically know that; so, if it's going to be a bad weather day people come prepared, they wear they're rain coats," said Tucson Rodeo Chairman Bill Schrug.

The festivities ended with a family barn dance.    On average, organizers say the rodeo saw about 8,000-9,000 visitors a day.

And the Rodeo Carnival for the La Paloma Academy also ended this weekend.

The fundraiser to benefit the school featured rides and games at the Lakeside campus on East Golf Links.

There was also a lot of fair food and prizes such as stuffed animals and sports gear.

Despite the weather, parents and kids enjoyed the carnival which ran for four days.