Investigators looking into fire that destroyed home under construction

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PHOENIX – Fire investigators are trying to determine what started an early morning fire that destroyed a home under construction Friday.

The house was fully involved front to back when firefighters arrived on the scene in the neighborhood of 29th Avenue and Palm Lane. The huge flames were visible for quite some distance.

“There wasn’t a whole lot we could do,” said Capt. Jonathan Jacobs of the Phoenix Fire Department.

The fire was so big, there was very real danger of it jumping to nearby homes.

“We had very significant exposures on both the east and the west sides,” Jacobs explained.

Because nobody was inside the burning house, firefighters concentrated on keeping the flames from spreading to neighboring homes, which are occupied. Neither of those houses was damaged.

“We’re really pleased with the neighbors’ houses not having any damage to them,” Jacobs said.

So far, it’s a mystery as to how the fire started. There is no power to the house and there’s been no storm activity that might have sparked it.

“It could just be the transient population trying to stay warm,” Jacobs said. “There are a lot of different sources that we’re looking at.”

Fire investigators are on the scene trying to piece everything together.

While the home was destroyed, no injuries were reported.