Members of burglary crew arrested in Phoenix crime sweep

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PHOENIX - Alleged gang members are in custody after reportedly targeting dozens of homes for burglaries in south Phoenix.

Police have not released the suspects’ names because they plan on making several more arrests during their crime sweep.

Officers are also in the process of recovering stolen property. So far they have taken back up to seven stolen rifles, jewelry, televisions, computers and cash.

Officers with the South Mountain Police Precinct say the suspects are well-established burglars.

“A lot of these crews committing burglaries are organized. They communicate, they have a language to themselves,” Phoenix Police Lt. Sean Connolly said. “We put six burglars in jail, recovered a ton of property. A lot of times those committing the burglaries don’t live far away.”

Six suspects have been arrested so far. The alleged gang members are linked to as many as 25 burglaries in the Lindo Park area.

“One of the greatest feelings as a law enforcement officer is the ability to get people’s stuff back,” Connolly said.

Police say information they receive from the community is vital for them to solve these types of cases.