Interview: Mother of young girl killed in weekend crash

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PHOENIX - A young girl is dead and her teenage brother in a coma after a devastating crash outside the Paradise Valley Mall early Saturday morning.

The mother of those two children, Melia Shumaker spoke to 3TV from her hospital bed on Tuesday.

She is very much in shock over losing her daughter.

Destiny Kimble, 11, was killed and her older brother Riley, 25, is fighting for his life.

Meanwhile, Barry Jordan, the man accused of barreling through a Phoenix intersection against a red light asked a judge to let him go.

Jordan was allegedly behind the wheel of the truck that sped through a red light on Saturday morning, crashing into three cars.

Jordan is already facing a previous child prostitution charge.

Recent court paperwork showed Jordan may be mentally disturbed. After Saturday's crash he got out of his vehicle from the passenger side window and began yelling about Jesus and Satan.

In his initial court appearance Jordan suggested something was wrong with his truck.

“I also need to get a Toyota expert to look at the vehicle and the pedal and the floor,” he said.

Shumaker is recovering from a broken collar bone and broken ribs, but her heart will take longer to heal.  She wasn't told until yesterday, that Destiny died at the scene of the crash.
“She loved attention, she was very intelligent, very observant things didn't get past that girl,” Shumaker said.
Shumaker had just moved her kids back from Illinois on Friday and was looking for a home when the accident happened.

She said even though her baby is gone, she somehow believes in miracles.
“I’m alive and I'm breathing, hopefully we can say the same for Riley,” she said.

The family said Riley suffered a critical brain injury and remains in critical condition.