Vail School District expanding despite staffing concerns

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Vail School District has expansion plans which include building two new high schools, but staffing the schools may be a problem.

Superintendent Calvin Baker says over-crowding has forced the Vail School District to take on plans for a pair of new campuses: a new Pantano High School to replace the old one-- and clear classroom space at Cienega High-- plus the brand new Andrada Poly-technic.

Andrada will specialize in the fields of healthcare, bio-science and transportation.

State dollars will pay for the buildings, but extra funds the district was banking on never materialized after last november's budget over-ride went down in defeat.

Despite conerns about maintaining teacher levels, Baker says the project will go forward.

Some residents question the timing, but recent Cienega grad Colton Clifford says over-crowding and mixed classrooms are a serious problem.

Construction will begin this summer. 

Missing from the plans are facilities for competetive athletics, again, because of money problems.

Baker plans to test an arangement where Andrada students can play sports at other Vail schools.

Construction is expected to be complete by the Summer of 2012. 

Baker says the governing board may choose to hold another budget override election this fall to arrange more funding for teachers and more elective courses.