Star ASU baseball player injured in freak accident during game

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By Alicia Barron By Alicia Barron

TEMPE, Ariz. – The top freshman of the Arizona State University Sun Devils baseball team is in the hospital recovering from surgery.

A routine slide into second base Sunday knocked 19-year-old Corey Hahn out and left him with a serious neck injury.

Those who saw it happen describe it as a freak injury that happened in an instant. It left the star player motionless on the field.

Hahn was injured as he slid head-first into second base and hit his head on another player's knee. A spokesperson for ASU said Monday night that Hahn is slowly recovering.

Glendale firefighter and former Major League Baseball player and Sun Devil alum Dave Graybill was in the stands when it happened.

“It happened so fast, you’re thinking he stole the base, errant pass, way to go, and he lay there and he lay there on his side, and he laid there and he laid there, didn’t even move and when they moved him off the field, he didn’t even move his hands,” Graybill says. “You could hear a pin drop in that entire stadium.”

State Press baseball reporter Tyler Emerick was covering the game and saw Hahn lying motionless and faced own on the field for 10 minutes before paramedics arrived.

“Once the knee made contact with his head it went back a little bit and it went towards the ground,” Emerick explained. “To see a guy go down like that and not get up, it’s pretty traumatic.”

Hahn underwent neck surgery Sunday night.

The freshman was a major league draft pick out of high school but chose ASU instead. He is considered the number one freshman on the team.

“Cory is the epitome of the perfect baseball player," Emerick said. "He's 5 foot 10 inches, aggressive, fast, tenacious, heart the size of China and he did what he loves to do.

“Hopefully, he goes back on the field because he's got a lot of potential. It would be a travesty to only play two games in college and never play again.”

Hahn is from California. His father was at the game Sunday when he was injured. In a statement the family says they welcome all wishes and positive thoughts from everyone at this time.