Tucson shooting update

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- News of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' recovery continues to move in the right direction.

Rabbi Stephanie aaron returned from a visit to giffords' hospital room in houston and says the congresswoman is actually singing.

More impressively, Giffords remembered three verses of Don McLean's classic song, "American Pie."

Mouthing and singing songs is all part of Giffords' recovery process.

Hospital staff says it helps rebuild parts of the brain that may have been damaged by the bullet.

While Giffords continues to recuperate, so does staffer Ron Barber.

His absence forced the congresswoman's office to hire an Interim Director until Barber can return to work.

His temporary replacement is Rodd McLeod, who worked as Giffords' campaign manager in 2010.

The office has seen a 23% jump in the average number of cases opened per week and needed another hand to deal with the extra workload.

Meanwhile, Jared Loughner's family is hunkering down.

Randy Loughner, who has been known as a recluse, has built a wooden enclosure to his front porch. One neighbor calls it, "An elaborate cage."

All windows and doors visible from the front have either been covered or papered over.

Even the white mailbox has been replaced by a heavy black steel one, with a locked drawer.

Neighbors say the father only comes out after dark.