Urn containing loved one's ashes stolen during burglary

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PHOENIX – A robbery has left a local family heartbroken after the thieves take the remains of a family member who passed away.

Marilyn Mumaw says she thinks the thieves broke into her father's home and may have accidentally taken her mother’s urn not realizing what was inside when they robbed her house Wednesday in central Phoenix.

The burglars also took jewelry and her father’s wedding ring but the family desperately wants the urn back.

"I got a phone call and he was just like, ‘I wanted to let you know that my house was broken into and that they took your mother’," Mumaw says.

Bonnie Faust died at the age of 42 after a three-year battle with cancer when Mumaw was 15 years old. “She had battled it for quite a few years and it just…she couldn’t fight it anymore."

Faust knew her death was approaching so she asked that her family spread her ashes someplace exotic.

"This was part of her that, you know, was someone's last wish and you don't know where or what has happened with it," Mumaw says.

She is begging those who stole it to bring it back. “This is somebody’s mother, somebody’s wife and it means a lot to us,” she says.

Mumaw says they were planning to spread her parents’ ashes together once her father passed away. The family is asking the thieves to bring the urn back with no questions asked.