Campbell construction nearing completion

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Road construction, it makes a lot of us cringe, especially if we get stuck driving in it.

Because of that many drivers have avoided the intersection of Campbell and Fort Lowell.

And for businesses in that area, that's been a nightmare.

Sharon Bart is used to hearing her customers complain about their feet or worn shoes. Not traffic.

"It's been a challenging 10 months to say the least," said Sharon.

She runs the Running Shop which is on Campbell just south of Fort Lowell.  What used to be a prime location has become an intersection causing driving nightmares.

"I know once the construction is done it's going to be an amazing intersection, the right turn lane and the bus pullouts.  Its surviving it will be a challenge," said Sharon.

Construction crews are getting ready to wrap up the nearly year-long project later this month.

Something Sharon and many drivers will appreciate.

"I think they're working really hard to make things better.  Of course, at the moment, it's inconvenient, but in the future it probably wont be," said Sharon.  "It does effect the bottom line somewhat."

Sharon isn't the only business affected. Numerous strip malls had empty parking lots because of the difficult road conditions.

And while people are still walking in the running shop's doors, Sharon can't help but think if more would be if this wasn't out front.

"I would say it's been a bad dream, not quite nightmare.  It'll be nice to not have the customers complaining anymore," said Sharon.

The city has told Sharon there will be a ribbon cutting on March 5 to celebrate the completion of the project.