Family of Kay Read doesn't want her to be forgotten

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's now been more than three years since Kay Read disappeared.  And her family desperately doesn't want police, or the public, to forget.

January 15, 2008, a day that was very unusual. It was cold, raining and there was hail.

Its a day that Mary Seagle will never forget.

"Kay wasn't there. I did see her brace.  I did find her crutches, but no Kay and that's the only way she would of been able to leave the house by herself," said Seagle.

On that cold day in Tucson Seagle lost her sister Kay Read.

"I just knew they would find her.  For along time I felt somebody had her," said Read.

After Read's disappearance, family, law enforcement and volunteers searched and handed out flayers for weeks in the area.

All they had was surveillance video of a man buying gas at a station and her van on fire about two miles from her home.

"There's nothing new, no.  The case has been out of the media for a long  period of time, there hasn't been any new leads coming in," said Detective Kathi Kelly.

Tucson Police Detective Kathi Kelly has been working the case and has been in contact with Read's family.

"I talk regularly to Mary and John Seagle.  They're, obviously, still devastated.  It's been three years now. Yesterday was 3rd anniversary of Kay missing," said Detective Kelly.

For detective Kelly this has not been a typical case, but with very few leads, it is frustrating not to get answers for the family.

"It is frustrating.  It's a very frustrating case.  Obviously, Kay has never been located," said Kelly.  "It's not often we have a case where the victim is not located, and that's obviously very difficult for her family to deal with."

Kelly says she will continue working the case until its solved, while Read's family will continue to pray and hope that an answer to, 'where is Kay,' comes soon.

"There's got to be that one person out there that knows something.  That one of these days he, she will come forward, have a conscience, and come forward and let us know where Kay is," said Seagle.

If you have any information about Kay Read's disappearance please call 88-CRIME.