KMSB "Fox-11 Forum," Sunday, 3/6/11, 7:30 AM

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Shelly Mowry, Sr. Director, Programs & Communications,, and Amy Bass, Director of Prevention, at Compass Behavioral Healthcare, and also a coordinator of

Mowry says 53% of Pima County 8th grade students have used alcohol, 32% have smoked cigarette and 28% have used marijuana compared to an 18% State average. She says 18% of Pima County 8th grade students have used inhalants and 7% have used Ecstasy, compared to
the State average of 40%.

Bass says the biggest concern from parents today seems to be “substance abuse.” She says parents should “get involved” with their children at infancy and “stay involved” until they complete college.  She says keeping the lines of communication open between parents and kids
parents need to “monitor” their children for signs of alcohol and drug abuse.  She says preliminary research suggests that teens believe experimenting with medications is safer than street drugs.

Mowry says there’s no way you can shield your kids from finding out that illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco exist.  But, she says, parents can help their children reject offers to try them.  She says it’s okay for teens to have unscheduled blocks of time. She says hanging around the house or at a friend’s house isn’t a bad thing. She cautions however, that parents should know who their kids are hanging out with and what they are doing.