Lose weight with the HCG diet

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Looking to lose weight? The HCG diet could be your solution.

What is the HCG diet?
The HCG diet can be taken by injections or drops that you put under your tongue. These injections or drops help program your body to burn 2,500 fat calories. The diet is created to only burn fat and not lean muscle.

How do the drops different from the shots on the HCG diet?
No difference as far as results, the only difference is the way its administered. Drops are more convenient as you can travel with them and the shots you have to visit the office.

Jo's Weight Loss Testimonial
Jo struggled with weight her entire life, as she got older her health problems started piling up. She was in pain as she needed to have knee replacements. Doctors wouldn't operate because of her poor health. Jo started the HCG diet and has lost a total of 155 lbs. in 7 months. Jo, feels like a new person, has more energy and is now more active with her husband and daughter.

Jo is still on her journey to lose weight and reach her goal but for those who have already reached their goals move on to a balance maintenance plan. The balance and maintenance plan is created to keep the weight off or help people get back on track if they go on vacation and a few pounds.

HCG Products
There are a total of six different types of HCG weight loss plans. There's a 15-day package that will help you lose 10-15 lbs., a 30-day plan that will help you lose 20-30 lbs., a 60-day and a popular friends package all the way to the ultimate detox package. You can view all packages online at HCG Buy Direct or you can call HCG at 480-559-5790 or visit their office located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Currently HCG is giving you a chance to enter to win a FREE 15-day diet package when you 'Like' the HCG Buy Direct Facebook page. They'll be giving away two packages per month throughout the 2011 year.